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Aloha Blue Sky

Calibrachoa, also known as, million bells is one of the most popular plants for growing outdoors in containers. A classic spiller plant, it has a trailing habit and looks great in hanging baskets, bowls, or mixed containers. It also works well in unusual containers, such as colanders or antique crate. Calibrachoa is a prolific bloomer and produces 1-inch blossoms that resemble tiny petunias.

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Full Calibrachoas List

Item - 2024VarietyContainer
CalibrachoaCandy Shop Fancy Berry3.5 Org
CalibrachoaCandy Shop Grape Splash3.5 Org
CalibrachoaSuperbells DreamsicleProven Winner
CalibrachoaSuperbells Lemon SliceProven Winner
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Blue Sky3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Canary Yellow3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Dark Red3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Hot Pink3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Mandarin3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Midnight Blue Impvd.3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Pineapple3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Sunshine3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Tiki Soft Pink3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Yellow3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokBlue3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokOrange3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokGrape3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokPink3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokWhite3.5 Org
Calibrachoa VolcanoPink3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Deep Yellow3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Orangetastic3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Plumtastic3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Purple3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Red3.5 Org