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Snapdragons name comes from the pinchable blossoms that open and close like the mouths of friendly dragons. Snapdragon has much to offer in the garden. It has varieties with heights and colors. They are also great for cutting and putting in a vase to enjoy indoors too.

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Snapdragon List

Item - 2024VarietyContainer
SnapdragonLiberty Classic Rose Pink3-Pack
SnapdragonLiberty Classic White3-Pack
SnapdragonRocket Golden3-Pack
SnapdragonRocket Mix (30-40")3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Magenta3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Mix3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Orange Flame3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Red3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Yellow3-Pack
Snapdragon DwarfCandy Tops Mix3-Pack