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Petunias are one of the most popular flowers.

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Petunia List

Item - 2024VarietyContainer
PETUNIA DBLPirouette Rose3-Pack
Petunia GardenFrost Blue3-Pack
Petunia GardenFrost Cherry3-Pack
Petunia GardenFrost Velvet3-Pack
Petunia GardenPrism Sunshine3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Blue 3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Blue Veined3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Burgundy3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Mix3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Pink3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Pink Morn3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Plum3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Red3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Red Star3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Rose3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Salmon3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Sky Blue3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia White3-Pack
Petunia HybridAmore Princess Pink3.5 Org
Petunia HybridAmore Queen of Hearts3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCapella Hello Yellow3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCapella Rim Fuchsia3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCascadia Arizona Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCascadia Indian Summer3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCascadia Pitaya3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCrazytunia Black & White3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCrazytunia Cosmic Purple3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCrazytunia Cosmic Violet3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCrazytunia Mamba Black3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Enchanted Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Night Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Pink Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Raspberry Star3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Starry Sky Burgundy3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Strawberry Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridItsy Magenta3.5 Org
Petunia HybridItsy White3.5 Org
Petunia MiniPicobella Blue3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella Mix3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella Red3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella Rose Star3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella White3-Pack
Petunia TREasy Wave Blue3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Burgundy Velour3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Coral Reef3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Neon Rose3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Plum Vein3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Red Velour3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Violet3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave White3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Yellow3.5 Blk
Petunia TRWave Lavender3.5 Blk
Petunia TRWave Purple imp3.5 Blk
Petunia-BlanketBlue Star3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketPink Frost3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketRose3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketRose Double3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketSilver Surprise Double3.5 Org
Petunia-SupertuniaBlack CherryProven Winner
Petunia-SupertuniaBordeauxProven Winner
Petunia-SupertuniaMini Vista Pink StarProven Winner
Petunia-SupertuniaMini Vista Violet StarProven Winner
Petunia-SupertuniaPriscilla (Dbl)Proven Winner
Petunia-SupertuniaRoyal MagentaProven Winner
Petunia-SupertuniaRoyal VelvetProven Winner
Petunia-SupertuniaVista BubblegumProven Winner