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Pepper is a tender, warm-season vegetable. Pepper plants require somewhat higher temperatures, grow more slowly and are smaller than most tomato plants.

Brightly colored, sweet bell pepper and a vast range of other garden peppers (pimiento, tabasco, cayenne, chili and paprika) may be grown for food, spices or as ornamentals.

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Pepper List

VARIETYTYPERIPENSHU3 Pack2.5 Black Sq2.5 Orange Sq
Bell Chocolate BeautySWEETGreen to Chocolate1.69
Bell GreenSWEETGreen1.391.69 - Sold Out
Bell OrangeSWEETGreen to Orange1.69 - Sold Out
Bell Purple BeautySWEETGreen to Deep Purple1.69
Bell RedSWEETGreen to Red1.391.69 - Sold Out
Bell VioletSWEETGreen to Violet1.69
Bell YellowSWEETGreen to Yellow1.69 - Sold Out
California WonderSWEETGreen1.39 - Sold Out1.69 - Sold Out
CarmenSWEETGreen to Red1.69
Giant MarconiSWEETGreen to Red1.69 - Sold Out
Golden California WonderSWEETGreen to Gold1.39 - Sold Out1.69 - Sold Out
Italian Green FryingSWEETGreen to Red1.69
Pretty N SweetSWEETYellow/Orange/Red1.69 - Sold Out
Red Sweet CherrySWEETGreen to Red1.69
Snackable RedSWEETGreen to Red1.69
Spanish SpiceSWEETDark Green1.69
Sweet BananaSWEETGreen to Yellow1.391.69 - Sold Out
PadronSWEET/HOTGreen to Red0 to 500-25001.69
Anaheim ChiliHOTGreen to Red40,0001.391.69 - Sold Out
Ancho/PoblanoHOTGreen to Red15001.69 - Sold Out
Cajun BelleHOTGreen to Red100-10001.69 - Sold Out
Caribbean Red HotHOTGreen to Red200,000+ 1.69
Carolina ReaperHOTGreen to Red2.2 million3.49
Cayenne Long SlimHOTGreen to Red100001.39 - Sold Out1.69
Chile De ArbolHOTGreen to Red50,000-60,0001.391.69 - Sold Out
Garden SalsaHOTGreen30001.69 - Sold Out
GhostHOTGreen to Red1,000,0003.49
GuajilloHOTGreen to Leathery Red2500-50001.69
HabeneroHOTGreen to Orange200,0001.69
Holy MoleHOTGreen to Chocolatey Brown7501.69
Hungarian WaxHOTGreen to Yellow2000-40001.391.69
JalapenoHOTGreen to Red3500-60001.391.69 - Sold Out
Jalapeno Gigantia "Giant"HOTGreen to Red5-30,0001.69 - Sold Out
Longhorn ChiliHOTGreen to Red15-20,0001.69 - Sold Out
Mulato IslenoHOTGreen/Red/Red-Black1000-1500n/a 2021n/a 2021n/a 2021
PepperonchiniHOTGreen/Yellow/Red0-5001.69 - Sold Out
SerranoHOTGreen to Red6000-23,000 1.39 - Sold Out1.69 - Sold Out
Super ChiliHOTGreen to Red40,0001.391.69 - Sold Out
TabascoHOTGreen to Yellow30,000-50,000 1.69 - Sold Out
Thai Hot ChiliHOTGreen to Red75,000-100,000 1.39 - Sold Out1.69 - Sold Out
Trinidad ScorpianHOTGreen to Red1.5-2 million3.49