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Bulk Seed & Packs

We also offer retail veggie seed packs. See list below or call for pricing on items indicated below.

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Bulk Seed and Packs

SeedsTypePrepackaged Price
AsparagusMary Washington 2yr - 6 RootsPkg $5.75
GarlicGarlic Bulbs$1.75 / bulb
GarlicGarlic - 3 BulbsPkg $3.75
HorseradishHorseradish - 2 rootsPkg $4.00
RhubarbVictoria - 3 tubersPkg $6.75
ShallotsShallots- 8 bulbsPkg $3.75
Seed PacksSeed PacksPriced as marked
Bulk Seed:Tell us how much you would like?
Beans BushSlenderette$.75 / oz (~70sds)
Beans BushTop Crop$.75 / oz (~70sds)
Beans Bush Wax (Yellow)Golden Butterwax$.75 / oz (~70sds)
Beans PoleKentucky Wonder Brown$.75 / oz (~70sds)
Beans Pole Wax (Yellow)Kentucky Wonder Wax$.75 / oz (~70sds)
Peas BushGarden Arrow$.75 / oz (~125sds)
Peas Sugar Snap BushSugar Sprint (Edible Pod/Pea)$.75 / oz (~125sds)
Peas Sugar Snap ClimberSuper Sugar Snap (Edible Pod/Pea)$.75 / oz (~125sds)
Sweet CornAmbrosia (Bicolor)$1 / oz (~150sds)
Sweet CornBodacious (Yellow)$1 / oz (~150sds)
Sweet CornSerendipity (Bicolor)$1 / oz (~150sds)
Sweet CornSugar Buns (Yellow)$1 / oz (~150sds)
Onion SetsRed$2 / pound
Onion SetsWhite$2 / pound
Onion SetsYellow$2 / pound
Seed PotatoDakota PearlN/A 2021
Seed PotatoKenebec (Heirloom)N/A 2021
Seed PotatoNorland Red$.79 / pound
Seed PotatoPontiac Red (Heirloom)$.79 / pound
Seed PotatoPurple Majesty (Heirloom)N/A 2021
Seed PotatoYukon Gold (Heirloom)$.79 / pound