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All Annuals

Our annuals category contains plants and flowers that typically have a 1 year life cycle. Annual plants can offer great mixes of summer color and be used in flower beds or pots.

When container planting it is recommended to use the “Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers” method. We have our list of plants below indicating what type of plant it is.

  • Thrillers: The tallest, most dramatic plants for your chosen container. Thrillers can be flowering or foliage plants such as ornamental grasses.
  • Fillers: Roughly half the height of the thrillers, filler plants add fullness to the arrangement. Fillers are rounded or mounded plants that fill in the middle area of the container.
  • Spillers: Spilling over the container’s edge, these low, spreading plants soften the arrangement’s appearance. Trailing vines and flowering plants help connect the plantings to the container while hiding and softening its edges.

Here are images with links below to our most popular annuals.

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Annual List

Item - 2023VarietyContainer
Acalypha-ChenilleChenille3.5 Org
AgeratumAloha Blue3-Pack
AgeratumBumble Blue3.5 Org
AGERATUMHorizon Blue (18-24")3.5 Blk
AlstromeriaInca Collection6.5R Org
AlternantheraBurgundy Threads3.5 Grn
AlternantheraLittle Ruby3.5 Grn
AlternantheraParty Time3.5 Grn
ALYSSUM Clear Crystal Lavender Shades3-Pack
ALYSSUM Easter Bonnet Violet3-Pack
ALYSSUM Easter Bonnet White3-Pack
ALYSSUM Wonderland Blue3-Pack
ALYSSUM Wonderland Deep Purple3-Pack
ALYSSUM Wonderland Deep Rose3-Pack
ALYSSUM Wonderland Lavender3-Pack
ALYSSUM Wonderland Mix3-Pack
ALYSSUM Wonderland Pink3-Pack
ALYSSUM Wonderland White3-Pack
Angelonia AngelfaceBlue (18-24")PW Classic
Angelonia AngelfacePerfectly Pink (18-30")PW Classic
Angelonia AngelfaceSteel Blue (18-30")PW Classic
Angelonia AngelfaceWhite (18-24")PW Classic
ApteniaMaya3.5 Org
ApteniaVariegated3.5 Org
ArgyranthemumBeauty Yellow4.5R Blk
ArgyranthemumGrandaisy Pink Halo4.5R Blk
ArtemesiaFancifiller Sea Salt4.5R Blk
Asparagus FernSprengeri3.5 Grn
ASTERMilady Mix (Cont)3-Pack
Bacopa (sm leaf)Epic Blue3.5 Org
Bacopa (sm leaf)Epic Pink with Eye3.5 Org
Bacopa (sm leaf)Epic White3.5 Org
Basket Grass-OplismenusBasket Grass3.5 Grn
Beg Angel WingsCanary Wings4.5R Blk
Beg Angel WingsDragon Wing Pink4.5R Blk
Beg Angel WingsDragon Wing Red4.5R Blk
Beg BIGBIG Bronze Leaf Red4.5R Blk
Beg BIGBIG Bronze Leaf Rose4.5R Blk
Beg BIGBIG Green Leaf Red4.5R Blk
Beg BIGBIG Green Leaf Rose4.5R Blk
Beg BIGBIG Green Leaf White4.5R Blk
Beg BoliviensisBossa Nova Night Fever Papaya4.5R Blk
Beg BoliviensisBossa Nova Night Fever Rosso4.5R Blk
Beg BoliviensisBossa Nova Pure White4.5R Blk
Beg BoliviensisBossa Nova Red4.5R Blk
Beg BoliviensisBossa Nova Yellow4.5R Blk
Beg BoliviensisSanta Cruz Sunset (Org/Red)4.5R Blk
Beg ReigerBaladin Rhine (Dp Red)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerBarkos Rhine (Dp Red)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerBatik Amstel (Orange blnd)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerBerseba Rhine (Lilac/Pink)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerBlitz Amstel (Drk Yllw)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerCamilla (Wht w/ Rose tips)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerClara Amstel (Wht)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerDark Brit (Light Orange-Med)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerDragone Dusty Rose6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerDragone Evening Glow6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerMove 2 Joy Pink (Lt Pink)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerMove 2 Orange6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerNadine (Y/O Tint)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerNetja Dark6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerOrange Stone6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerSandrine (Pink/Pch Blend)6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerVermillion Hot Pink6.5R Blk
Beg ReigerVeronica6.5R Blk
Beg RexEscargot5.5 White
Beg RexFedor5.5 White
Beg RexGryphon5.5 White
Beg RexMaculata wightii (Polka Dots)5.5 White
Beg RexRaindance5.5 White
Beg RexRedbull5.5 White
Beg RexSalsa5.5 White
Beg RexSpitfire5.5 White
Beg SpecialtyBelleconia Hot OrangeHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyFunky Orange Hanging Basket/4.5R Blk
Beg SpecialtyFunky PinkHanging Basket/4.5R Blk
Beg SpecialtyFunky ScarletHanging Basket/4.5R Blk
Beg SpecialtyFunky WhiteHanging Basket/4.5R Blk
Beg SpecialtyI'Conia Bachlorette RedHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyIconia Bacio Orange4.5R Blk/Hanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyI'Conia Lemon Berry PS/SHHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyI'Conia Portofino CitrixHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyI'Conia Portofino Hot OrangeHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyI'Conia Portofino YellowHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyI'Conia Scentiment Peachy KeenHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyIllumination Apricot Shades PSH/SHHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyIllumination Rose PSH/SHHanging Basket
Beg SpecialtyIllumination Salmon Pink PSH/SHHanging Basket
Beg TuberousNon Stop Deep Salmon4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Fire4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Mocca Bright Orange4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Mocca Deep Red4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Mocca Pink Shades4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Mocca Yellow4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Orange4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Pink4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Red4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Rose Picottee4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop White4.5R Blk
Beg TuberousNon Stop Yellow4.5R Blk
Beg WaxBada Bing GRN Mix3-Pack
Beg WaxBada Bing GRN Rose3-Pack
Beg WaxBada Bing GRN Scarlet3-Pack
Beg WaxBada Bing GRN White3-Pack
Beg WaxBada Boom BRZ Mix3-Pack
Beg WaxBada Boom BRZ Rose3-Pack
Beg WaxBada Boom BRZ Scarlet3-Pack
Beg WaxBada Boom BRZ White3-Pack
BidensBlazing Star3.5 Org
BidensMexican Gold3.5 Org
BidensPretty in Pink3.5 Org
BidensStellar Red Wing3.5 Org
BidensSun Drop Compact3.5 Org
BidensWhite Delight3.5 Org
BrachycomeBlue Zephyr3.5 Org
BracteanthaCottage Yellow 4.5R Blk
Bridal VeilBridal Veil3.5 Grn
BROWALLIABlue Morn3.5 Blk
BrowalliaEndless FlirtationPW Classic
BrowalliaEndless IlluminationPW Classic
CalibrachoaCandy Shop Fancy Berry3.5 Org
CalibrachoaCandy Shop Grape Splash3.5 Org
CalibrachoaSuperbells DreamsiclePW Classic
CalibrachoaSuperbells Lemon SlicePW Classic
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Blue Sky3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Canary Yellow3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Dark Red3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Hot Pink3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Mandarin3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Midnight Blue Impvd.3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Pineapple3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Sunshine3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Tiki Blue3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Tiki Soft Pink3.5 Org
Calibrachoa AlohaKona Yellow3.5 Org
Calibrachoa HulaGold Medal3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokBlue3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokOrange3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokRose3.5 Org
Calibrachoa TikTokWhite3.5 Org
Calibrachoa VolcanoPink3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Deep YellowHanging Bskt
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Orangetastic3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Plumtastic3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Purple3.5 Org
Calibrachoa-DoubleMiniFamous Neo Red3.5 Org
CannaCannova Bronze Leaf Orange4.5 Org Quart
CannaCannova Bronze Leaf Scarlet4.5 Org Quart
CannaCannova Mango4.5 Org Quart
CannaCannova Rose4.5 Org Quart
CannaCannova Yellow4.5 Org Quart
CassiaCassia (Popcorn Plant)4.5 Org Quart
CelosiaBrainiac Mix (Shell type)2-Pack
CelosiaDragons Breath3.5 Blk
CelosiaFresh Look Mix3-Pack
CelosiaFresh Look Orange3-Pack
CelosiaFresh Look Red3-Pack
CelosiaFresh Look Yellow3-Pack
CelosiaNew Look plumosa3-Pack
CHRYSANTHEMUMSnowland Paludosum3-Pack
CHRYSANTHEMUMYellow Buttons Multicaule3-Pack
Chrysanthemum PerennialBeverly Bronze3.5 Grn
Chrysanthemum PerennialBeverly Orange3.5 Grn
Chrysanthemum PerennialChelsey Yellow3.5 Grn
Chrysanthemum PerennialCheryl Frosty White3.5 Grn
Chrysanthemum PerennialCheryl Jolly Red3.5 Grn
Chrysanthemum PerennialCheryl Purple Regal 3.5 Grn
Chrysanthemum PerennialWanda Lavender3.5 Grn
CLEOMEQueen Pink2-Pack
CLEOMEQueen White2-Pack
CleomeSenorita BlancaPW Qt
CleomeSenorita RosalitaPW Qt
ColeusBlack Dragon3-Pack
ColeusWizard Coral Sunrise3-Pack
ColeusWizard Jade3-Pack
ColeusWizard Rose3-Pack
ColeusWizard Scarlet3-Pack
ColeusWizard Select Mix3-Pack
Coleus LG LeafKong Empire Mix4.5R Blk
Coleus LG LeafKong Mosaic4.5R Blk
Coleus LG LeafKong Red4.5R Blk
Coleus LG LeafKong Rose4.5R Blk
Coleus SunBeauty of Lyon3.5 Org
Coleus SunBurgundy Sun3.5 Org
Coleus SunDark Star3.5 Org
Coleus SunDefiance3.5 Org
Coleus SunDipt in Wine3.5 Org
Coleus SunFinger Paint 3.5 Org
Coleus SunFishnet Stockings 3.5 Org
Coleus SunGays Delight3.5 Org
Coleus SunHenna3.5 Org
Coleus SunKingswood Torch3.5 Org
Coleus SunMain Street Orchard Road3.5 Org
Coleus SunMain Street Venice Boulevard3.5 Org
Coleus SunMain Street Wall Street3.5 Org
Coleus SunOxblood3.5 Org
Coleus SunPat Martin3.5 Org
Coleus SunPeter's Wonder3.5 Org
Coleus SunRed Head3.5 Org
Coleus SunRustic Orange3.5 Org
Coleus SunSolar Flair3.5 Org
Coleus Sun TrlrGreat Falls Iguaza3.5 Org
Coleus Sun TrlrGreat Falls Niagra3.5 Org
Coleus Sun TrlrWedding Train Burgundy3.5 Org
ColocasiaCoffee CupsPW Qt
ColocasiaHeart of Jungle Imprvd.PW Qt
Combos ConfettiFireflashMultiple
Combos KwikCallie Citrus FireMultiple
Combos KwikFire and IceMultiple
Combos KwikGrape ExpectationsMultiple
Combos KwikMermaid TailsMultiple
Combos KwikMidnight MoonMultiple
Combos KwikMom's Chosen OneMultiple
Combos KwikNight in PompeiiMultiple
Combos KwikPink LemonadeMultiple
Combos KwikPlumtastic MixMultiple
Combos TrixiCharged Up Cherry! 22Multiple
Combos TrixiCherry KissMultiple
Combos TrixiLiberty BellMultiple
Combos TrixiNight WatchMultiple
Combos TrixiRaspbery SorbetMultiple
Combos TrixiStarlight StarbrightMultiple
CordylineCan Can4.5TCT
CordylineRed Star4.5TCT
CordylineTorbay Dazzler4.5TCT
COSMOSSonata Carmine3-Pack
COSMOSSonata White3-Pack
Craspedia GolfBeauty4.5R Blk
CrossandraOranage Marmalade5.5 White
Cuphea - Cigar PlantCubano Presidente3.5 Org
Cuphea - Cigar PlantCigar Plant3.5 Org/Cont
Cuphea - Cigar PlantFunny Face3.5 Org
Cuphea - HeatherFloriglory Diana3.5 Org
DAHLBERG DAISYGolden Fleece3-Pack
DAHLIAFigaro Red3.5 Blk
DAHLIAFresco Formula Mix3.5 Blk
DAHLIAHarlequin Formula Mix3.5 Blk
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Cancun (Prpl b/c)6.5R Blk/Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Candena (Rose)6.5R Blk/Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Merida (Red b/c)6.5R Blk/Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Sonora (Ylw)6.5R Blk/Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 18-36"Dalina Grande Emelio (Orange)6.5R Blk/Cont
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova California4.5R Blk
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Carolina (Red)4.5R Blk
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Carolina Orange4.5R Blk
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Florida4.5R Blk
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Lisa Dark Pink4.5R Blk
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Montana (yellow)4.5R Blk
DATURABallerina Purple4.5R Blk
DATURABallerina Yellow4.5R Blk
DATURABelle Blanche (Wht)4.5R Blk
DIANTHUSIdeal Select Rose2-Pack
DIANTHUSIdeal Select Violet2-Pack
DIANTHUSIdeal Select White Fire2-Pack
DIANTHUSTelstar Coral2-Pack
DiasciaSundiascia Upright Peach3.5 Org
DiasciaSundiascia Upright Rose Pink3.5 Org
DiasciaTrinity Grace (White)3.5 Org
DichondraSilver Falls3.5 Grn
Dipladenia - FLORIDAPink6" Hoop
Dipladenia - FLORIDARed6" Hoop
Dipladenia - FLORIDAWhite6" Hoop
DracaenaSpike (Green)3.5 Grn
DUSTY MILLERSilver Dust3-Pack
EnseteMauerelli, Red3.5 OrgT
EuphorbiaDiamond FrostPW Classic
EuphorbiaEuphoric White3.5 Org
EvolvulusBeach Bum3.5 Org
FernsCollection Ferns - 3 Varieties4.5R Blk
FernPlumosa4.5R Blk
Fern - BostonNephrolepis Boston Fern4.5R Blk
Fern - Foxtail FLORIDAFoxtail Fern6"/1G
Fern - Kimberly - FLORIDAKimberly FernHanging Basket
FLOWERING CABBAGEOsaka (Cmpact, Wavy Edge)3201
FLOWERING KALEFeather Series Red3201
FLOWERING KALENagoya Mix (Heavily Fringd Leavs)3201
FLOWERING KALEPeacock Red (Med-tall Frngd Lvs)3201
FLOWERING KALEPigeon Red (Cmpact, Smth Edge)3201
FLOWERING KALEPigeon White (Cmpact, Smth Edge)3201
FuchsiaAnnabelle White4.5R Blk
FuchsiaBlue Eyes (T)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaDark Eyes (T)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaDeep Purple (T)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaDollar Princess (U)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaLa Campanella4.5R Blk
FuchsiaLambada (U)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaLena (T)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaMarinka (T)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaPatio Princess4.5R Blk
FuchsiaSouthgate (U)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaSwingtime (T)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaVoodoo (U)4.5R Blk
FuchsiaWinston Churchill (U)4.5R Blk
Fuchsia GartGartenmeister (U)4.5R Blk/Cont
GauraBelleza Dark Pink3.5 Org
GauraSiskiyou Pink3.5 Org
GauraWhirling Butterflies 3.5 Org
GAZANIAKiss Mix4.5R Blk
GAZANIANew Day Tiger Mix (8-Cont)4.5R Blk
Geranium HortorumChocolate Apricot4.5R Blk
Geranium HortorumChocolate Dragonfruit4.5R Blk
Geranium HortorumElanos Blue4.5R Blk
Geranium HybridBrocade Mrs Pollock4.5R Blk
Geranium HybridBrocade Occold Shield4.5R Blk
Geranium HybridBrocade Wilhelm Langguth4.5R Blk
Geranium HybridPersian Queen Rosy Pink4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Burgundy4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Dark Red4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Orange Splash4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Pink4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Red Dark4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Rose Mega Splash4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Burgundy4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Crimson Flame4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Hot Pink4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Pink Dark4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Pink Flame4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Red Dark4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Rose Mega Splash4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med White4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificPretty Little Pink Splash4.5R Blk
Geranium IvyIvy League Burgundy4.5R Blk
Geranium IvyIvy League Burgundy Bicolor4.5R Blk
Geranium IvyIvy League Deep Pink4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackCaldera Lavender Glow4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackCaldera Red4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackCalliope Cascade Violet4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackMantra Bright Red4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackMantra Pink4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackMojo Cranberry Splash4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackMojo Magenta4.5R Blk
Geranium Trl PackMojo Orange4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana Bright Red4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana Cherry Rose4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Coral4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Dark Red4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Orchid4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Pink4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Red4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana Red Dark4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana Salmon4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana White4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana White Splash4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalRosalie Antique Salmon4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalTango Pink Ice4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalTango Red Dark4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalTango Violet4.5R Blk
Geranium-RegalAristo Black Beauty6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Burgundy6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Orchid6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Pink6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Purple Stripes6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Red Beauty6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Salmon6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Velvet Red6.5R Org
Geranium-ScentedCitronella4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
GerberaJaguar Deep Orange Light EyeNEW5.5
GerberaJaguar MixNEW5.5
GerberaJaguar Rose Dark CenterNEW5.5
GerberaJaguar Salsa MixNEW5.5
GerberaJaguar Spring Time MixNEW5.5
GerberaJaguar Yellow Light EyeNEW5.5
GODETIASatin Mix3.5 Blk
Grass JuncusBlue Arrows4.5TCT
Grass-CarexRed Rooster4.5TCT
Grass-CyperusBaby Moses4.5TCT
Grass-CyperusCrown of Pharoah4.5TCT
Grass-Cyperus PapyrusKing Tut (48-72")PW Qt
Grass-Cyperus PapyrusPrince Tut (18-30")PW Qt
Grass-EupatoriumElegant Feather4.5TCT
Grass-JuncusSpiralis (corkscrew)4.5TCT
Grass-PennisetumFireworksPW Qt
Grass-PennisetumPurple Fountain Grass (30-36")4.5TCT
Grass-PennisetumPurple Fountain Grass (30-36")4.5TCT
Grass-PennisetumVertigo (48-96")PW Qt
Grass-ScirpusFiber Optic (10-14")4.5TCT
Hibiscus TropicalBonaire Wind (Yellow)6" Pot
Hibiscus TropicalFire Wind6" Pot
Hibiscus TropicalPink Flamingo Wind6" Pot
Hibiscus TropicalPink Punch Wind6" Pot
Hibiscus TropicalTortuga Wind6" Pot
HypoestesConfetti Compact Mix3.5 Grn
HypoestesConfetti Compact Pink3.5 Grn
HypoestesConfetti Compact Red3.5 Grn
HypoestesSplash Select White3.5 Grn
ImpatiensImara XDR Orange3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Orange Star3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Pink3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Proformula Mix3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Purple3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Red3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Salmon Shades3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR White3-Pack
ImpatiensSE Lipstick3-Pack
ImpatiensSE XP Blue Pearl3-Pack
Impatiens-DoubleFiesta Stardust Pink3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer Pink Hot3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer Red Dark3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer Salmon3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer White3.5 Org
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Blue4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Bright Purple4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Clear Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Lavender Splash4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Orange4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Salmon4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum White 20204.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Blue Star4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Cherry Star4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Orange Swirl4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Purple4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Purple Star4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Salmon Night4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat True Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Deep Rose4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Electric Orange4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Hot Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Lilac4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Orchid Blush4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Pink Candy4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Rose Glow4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Tropical Rose V/L4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact White Imprvd.4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Corona4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Lavender Splash4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Rose Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Tropical Orange V/L4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous White4.5R Blk
IresineBloodleaf3.5 Grn
IresineVariegated3.5 Grn
IsotomaFizz N Popp Glowing Violet3.5 Org
Ivy English-HederaEva (grn w/white margins)3.5 Grn
Ivy English-HederaGold Yellow Ripple (grn w/yllw margins)3.5 Grn
Ivy English-HederaRalf (green)3.5 Grn
Ivy GermanGerman Ivy3.5 Grn
Ivy German WaxMikanoides Variegata3.5 Grn
Ivy SwedishCervesa N Lime3.5 Grn
Ivy SwedishGreen3.5 Grn
Ivy SwedishGuacamole3.5 Grn
Ivy SwedishLemon Twist3.5 Grn
Ivy SwedishPurple Leaf3.5 Grn
Ivy SwedishVariegated3.5 Grn
LamiumBeacon Silver3.5 Org
LantanaBandana Landscape Banana Yellow3.5 Org
LantanaBandana Pink Improved3.5 Org
LantanaBandana Yellow3.5 Org
LantanaHavana Harvest Moon3.5 Org
LantanaHeartland Really Red3.5 Org
LantanaHeartland Sunrise3.5 Org
LantanaHeartland Sunrise3.5 Org
LINARIAFantasista Blue3-Pack
LINARIAFantasista Rose3-Pack
LINARIAFantasista Yellow3-Pack
LINARIAFantasy Autumn Mix3-Pack
LINARIAFantasy Spring Mix3-Pack
LOBELIACrystal Palace3-Pack
LOBELIARiviera Blue Eyes (Blue/White)3-Pack
LOBELIARiviera Marine Blue (Drk Blue)3-Pack
LOBELIARiviera Mix3-Pack
LOBELIARiviera Rose3-Pack
LOBELIARiviera Sky Blue (Lt Blue)3-Pack
LOBELIARiviera White3-Pack
LobeliaTechno Dark Blue3.5 Org
LobeliaTechno Electric Blue3.5 Org
LobeliaTechno White Imprvd3.5 Org
Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum)Easy Breezy Pink4.5R Blk
Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum)Easy Breezy Purple4.5R Blk
Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum)Easy Breezy White4.5R Blk
LophsospermumCompact Rose4.5R Blk
LophsospermumCompact White4.5R Blk
LophsospermumWine Red4.5R Blk
LysimachiaAurea3.5 Org
MandevillaSunParasol Orginal Crimson12Hanging Basket/TrelGal
MandevillaSunParasol Orginal Pink12Hanging Basket/TrelGal
MandevillaSunParasol Orginal Stars & Stripes12Hanging Basket/TrelGal
MandevillaSunParasol Orginal White12Hanging Basket/TrelGal
MandevillaSunParasol Pretty Crimson12Hanging Basket/TrelGal
MandevillaSunParasol Pretty Pink12Hanging Basket/TrelGal
MandevillaSunParasol Orginal Sunbeam12Hanging Basket/TrelGal
Mandevilla FLORIDACombo (2 Varieties)12"TeePee
Mandevilla FLORIDAPink Variety12 Cont
Mandevilla FLORIDAPink Variety6" Hoop
Mandevilla FLORIDARed Variety12 Cont
Mandevilla FLORIDARed Variety6" Hoop
Mandevilla FLORIDAWhite Variety12 Cont
Mandevilla FLORIDAWhite Variety6" Hoop
MARIGOLDGem Lemon3-Pack
MARIGOLD AFRICANAntiqua Orange2-Pack
MARIGOLD AFRICANAntiqua Yellow2-Pack
MARIGOLD AFRICANDiscovery Yellow2-Pack
MARIGOLD AFRICANPerfection Orange2-Pack
MARIGOLD AFRICANPerfection Yellow2-Pack
MARIGOLD FRENCHBonanza Deep Orange3-Pack
MARIGOLD FRENCHBonanza Yellow3-Pack
MARIGOLD FRENCHDisco Marietta3-Pack
MARIGOLD FRENCHDurango Yellow3-Pack
MARIGOLD FRENCHSafari Bolero3-Pack
MARIGOLD FRENCHSafari Yellow3-Pack
MARIGOLD FRENCHSafari Yellow Fire3-Pack
MecardoniaGold DustPW Classic
MecardoniaGold DustPW Classic
MIMULUSMagic Blotch Mix3-Pack
MIMULUSMystic Mix3-Pack
MOONFLOWERMoon Flower4.5R Blk
MORNING GLORYCrimson Ramber4.5R Blk
MORNING GLORYHappy Hour Rose4.5R Blk
MORNING GLORYHeavenly Blue4.5R Blk
NemesiaNesia Banana Swirl3.5 Org
NemesiaNesia Blue Dark3.5 Org
NemesiaSunsatia Lemon (6-Cont)PW Classic
NICOTIANAOnly the Lonely3.5 Blk
NICOTIANAPerfume Antique Lime3.5 Blk
NicotianaSaratoga Red (10-12")3.5 Blk
Ornamental MilletPurple Majesty4.5TCT
Ornamental OreganoKirigami3.5 Org
Ornamental PepperCalico4.5R Blk
Ornamental PepperChili Chili4.5R Blk
Ornamental PepperOnyx Red4.5R Blk
OsteospermumFlowerPower Compact Pink and Eye3.5 Org/Cont
OsteospermumFlowerPower Compact Purple Red 12"3.5 Org/Cont
OsteospermumFlowerPower Compact White Cont3.5 Org/Cont
OsteospermumSummersmile Orange3.5 Org/Cont
OsteospermumZion Copper Amethyst3.5 Org/Cont
OsteospermumZion Morning Sun 12"3.5 Org/Cont
OxalisBurgundy4.5R Blk
OxalisCharmed WinePW Classic
OxalisSunset Velvet4.5R Blk
PachystachysGolden Shrimp Plant4.5R Blk
PansyDelta Prem Beaconsfield3-Pack
PansyDelta Prem Mix3-Pack
PansyDelta Prem Red w /Blotch3-Pack
PansyDelta Prem Rose w/ Blotch3-Pack
PansyDelta Prem Violet & White3-Pack
PansyDelta Prem White w/ Blotch3-Pack
PansyDelta Prem Yellow w/ Blotch3-Pack
Pansy TrailerCool Wave MixMultiple
PassifloraAphrodites Purple Nightie (Passion Flwr)Trel/Hanging Basket
PassifloraBlue Bahama (Passion Flwr)Trel/Hanging Basket
PentasStarcluster Pink4.5R Blk
PentasStarcluster Red4.5R Blk
PerillaTricolor4.5R Blk
PETUNIA DBLPirouette Purple3-Pack
PETUNIA DBLPirouette Rose3-Pack
Petunia GardenDreams Rose Morn3-Pack
Petunia GardenFrost Cherry3-Pack
Petunia GardenFrost Velvet3-Pack
Petunia GardenMerlin Blue Morn3-Pack
Petunia GardenPrism Sunshine3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Blue 3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Blue Veined3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Burgundy3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Crimson Star 3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Mix3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Pink3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Plum3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Red3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Red Star3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Rose3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Salmon3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia Sky Blue3-Pack
Petunia GardenTritunia White3-Pack
Petunia HybridAmore Queen of Hearts3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCascadia Indian Summer3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCascadia Pitaya3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCrazytunia Cosmic Violet3.5 Org
Petunia HybridCrazytunia Mamba Black3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Enchanted Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Night Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Pink Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Raspberry Star3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Starry Sky Burgundy3.5 Org
Petunia HybridHeadliner Strawberry Sky3.5 Org
Petunia HybridItsy Magenta3.5 Org
Petunia HybridItsy White3.5 Org
Petunia MiniPicobella Blue3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella Mix3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella Red3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella Rose Star3-Pack
Petunia MiniPicobella White3-Pack
Petunia TREasy Wave Blue3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Burgundy Velour3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Coral Reef3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Neon Rose3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Plum Vein3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Red Velour3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Violet3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave White3.5 Blk
Petunia TREasy Wave Yellow3.5 Blk
Petunia TRWave Lavender3.5 Blk
Petunia TRWave Purple imp3.5 Blk
Petunia-BlanketBlue Star3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketPink Frost3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketRose3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketRose Double3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketViolet3.5 Org
Petunia-BlanketYellow3.5 Org
Petunia-SupertuniaBlack CherryPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaBordeauxPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaMini Vista Pink StarPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaMini Vista Violet StarPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaPersimmonPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaPriscilla (Dbl)PW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaRoyal VelvetPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaVista BubblegumPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaVista FuchsiaPW Classic
Petunia-SupertuniaVista SilverberryPW Classic
PhloxIntensia BlueberryPW Classic
PlumbagoImperial Blue4.5R Blk
PortulacaGrandiflora Samba Bicolor3.5 Org
PortulacaGrandiflora Samba Hot Pink3.5 Org
PortulacaRio Grande Magenta3.5 Org
PortulacaRio Grande Orange3.5 Org
PortulacaRio Grande Scarlet3.5 Org
PortulacaRio Grande Yellow3.5 Org
PortulacaSundial Fuchsia3-Pack
PortulacaSundial Gold3-Pack
PortulacaSundial Mix3-Pack
PortulacaSundial Orange3-Pack
PortulacaSundial Peppermint3-Pack
PortulacaSundial White3-Pack
RUDBECKIAIndian Summer3.5 Blk
RUDBECKIAPrairie Sun3.5 Blk
SALPIGLOSSISRoyale Casino Mix3.5 Blk
SALVIACoral Nymph3.5 Blk
SALVIAEarly Bonfire (24")3-Pack
SalviaEvolution Violet3-Pack
SalviaEvolution White3-Pack
SALVIALady in Red 18-30"3.5 Blk
SalviaSizzler Red3-Pack
Salvia HybridBlack & Blue3.5 Org
Salvia HybridHot Lips3.5 Org
Salvia HybridRockin Deep PurplePW Classic
Salvia HybridRockin FuchsiaPW Classic
Salvia HybridRoman Red (28-34")3.5 Org
Salvia HybridSkyscraper Orange3.5 Org
Salvia HybridSkyscraper Pink3.5 Org
Salvia HybridVelocity Blue3.5 Org
Salvia HybridVibe Ignition Fuchsia3.5 Org
ScaevolaBombay Dark Blue3.5 Org
ScaevolaSurdiva Blue Violet3.5 Org
ScaevolaSurdiva Fashion Pink3.5 Org
ScaevolaSurdiva White Improved3.5 Org
SenecioAngel Wings5.5 White
SetcreseaVariegated4.5R Blk
SnapdragonLiberty Classic Rose Pink3-Pack
SnapdragonLiberty Classic White3-Pack
SnapdragonRocket Golden3-Pack
SnapdragonRocket Mix (30-40")3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Magenta3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Mix3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Orange Flame3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Red3-Pack
SnapdragonSnaptastic Yellow3-Pack
Snapdragon DwarfCandy Tops Mix3-Pack
Spider Plant-AirplaneVariegated4.5R Blk/Hanging Basket
STATICEQIS Series Mix (30-35")2-Pack
STOCKSMidget Mix (Dwarf 8")3.5 Blk
StreptocarpellaConcord Blue3.5 Grn
StreptocarpellaPurple3.5 Grn
Succulent-AeoniumKiwi3.5 Org
Succulent-AeoniumZwartkop3.5 Org
Succulent-AloeSelect Variety3.5 Org
Succulent-Burros TailBurros Tail3.5 Org
Succulent-CactiSelect Variety4.5R Blk / 3.5 Org
Succulent-CotyledonHappy Young Lady3.5 Org
Succulent-CrassulaCurly Green arborescens3.5 Org
Succulent-CrassulaHobbit (Ogre ears)3.5 Org
Succulent-CrassulaJade3.5 Org
Succulent-CrassulaJade Jitter3.5 Org
Succulent-CrassulaJade Variegated3.5 Org
Succulent-CrassulaPrincess Pine/Watch Chain3.5 Org
Succulent-EcheveriaBenitsukasa Nodulosa3.5 Org
Succulent-EcheveriaCollection Echeveria3.5 Org
Succulent-EcheveriaPerle Von Nurnburg3.5 Org
Succulent-Echeveriarunyoinii (Topsy Turvy)3.5 Org
Succulent-GraptosedumVera Higgins3.5 Org
Succulent-Kalanchoethyrsifolia (flapjack)3.5 Org
Succulent-KalanchoeTomentosa (Panda Plant) 3.5 Org
Succulent-LampranthusPink Vygie3.5 Org
SucculentsOther Varieties3.5 Org
Succulent-SedumAngelina3.5 Org
Succulent-SedumAtlantis (yellow / green)3.5 Org
Succulent-SedumPurple Form3.5 Org
Succulent-SedumRobrotintum (Jelly Beans)3.5 Org
Succulent-SedumVariegatum (lineare)3.5 Org
Succulent-SenecioBlue Chalk Sticks3.5 Org
Succulent-Senecioperegrinus String of Dolphins3.5 Org
Succulent-Senecioradicans String of Bananas3.5 Org
Succulent-Seneciorowleyanus String of Pearls3.5 Org
Succulent-Susuviumportulacatrum Sea Purslane3.5 Org
SUNFLOWER HELIANTHUSBig Smile (12-15")4.5R Blk
TalinumLimon4.5R Blk
ThunbergiaCoconut A-Peel (Creamy white)PW Classic
ThunbergiaLemon A-PeelPW Classic
ThunbergiaOrange A-PeelPW Classic
ThunbergiaTangerine Slice A-PeelPW Classic
TITHONIATorch Red (60-72")4.5R Blk
ToreniaKauiai Mix3.5 Blk
Torenia HybridSummerWave Large Amethyst3.5 Org
Torenia HybridSummerWave Large Blue3.5 Org
VERBENABonariensis3.5 Blk
VERBENAImagination3.5 Blk
Verbena PackObsession Apricot3-Pack
Verbena PackObsession Blue w/Eye3-Pack
Verbena PackObsession Coral w/Eye3-Pack
Verbena PackObsession Mix3-Pack
Verbena PackObsession Red w/Eye3-Pack
Verbena TRLanai Blue3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Bright Eye3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Candy Cane3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Deep Pink Imprvd3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Green Apple3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Magenta3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Peach3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Royal Purple/Eye3.5 Org
Verbena TRLanai Scarlet3.5 Org
Verbena UprightLanai Upright Merlot w/ Eye3.5 Org
Verbena UprightLanai Upright Red w/ Eye3.5 Org
Verbena UprightLanai Upright True Blue3.5 Org
Verbena UprightLanai Upright White3.5 Org
VincaSunstorm Mix3-Pack
VincaSunstorm Orchid Halo3-Pack
VincaSunstorm Red Halo3-Pack
VincaSunstorm White with Eye3-Pack
VincaTattoo Black Cherry3-Pack
VincaTattoo Raspberry3-Pack
VincaTattoo Tangerine3-Pack
Vine - Sweet PotatoBlackie3.5 Org
Vine - Sweet PotatoCompact Margie3.5 Org
Vine - Sweet PotatoMarguerite (Chartreuse)3.5 Org
Vine - Sweet PotatoTricolor3.5 Org
Vine JewBolivian3.5 Grn
Vine JewWandering Red / Silver3.5 Grn
Vine JewZebra Rainbow3.5 Grn
Vine LicoriceIcicles3.5 Grn
Vine LicoriceLimelight3.5 Grn
Vine Licoriceminus Petite3.5 Grn
Vine LicoriceSilver petiolare3.5 Grn
Vine LicoriceVariegated Splash3.5 Grn
Vine LotusLotus Vine (Parrot's Beak)3.5 Grn
Vine VincaMajor Expoflora3.5 Grn
Vine VincaMajor Maculata3.5 Grn
Vine VincaMajor Variegated3.5 Grn
Vine VincaMajor Wojo's Jem3.5 Grn
Vine Wire VineWire Vine - Muehlenbeckia3.25TC
ViolaPenny Jump Up Mix3-Pack
ViolaPenny Lane Mix3-Pack
ViolaPenny Mickey3-Pack
ViolaPenny Orange Jump Up3-Pack
ViolaPenny Violet Tiger Face3-Pack
ViolaPenny Yellow Blotch3-Pack
ViolaSorbet Autumn Select Mix XP3-Pack
ZINNIACalifornia Giant 2-Pack
ZinniaDreamland Mix2-Pack
ZinniaMagellan Mix2-Pack
ZinniaProfusion AAS Mix3-Pack
ZinniaProfusion Cherry3-Pack
ZinniaProfusion Orange3-Pack
ZinniaProfusion White3-Pack
ZINNIAState Fair Mix2-Pack