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There are many variety of tomatoes to grow. Depending on space, size and type, we offer many different varieties.

  • Heirloom – An heirloom tomato is an open-pollinated variety that has been passed down through the generations.
  • Cherry – Pearly round or plum-shaped, tangy or sweet, red or gold, cherry tomatoes top off summer salads, sweeten party trays, and treat for anyone.
  • Slicing – Slicers are the tomato enjoyed at every summer picnic: they’re big, round, and juicy. Perfect for slicing onto burgers, sandwiches, and subs, or fanning out on deli trays, they strike the right balance between meatiness and juiciness.
  • Patio/Bush – Patio hybrid is excellent for containers and small gardens, bearing tasty 3 to 4 oz tomatoes on strong, compact plants that grow only 2 feet tall. These generally do not need much staking at first, but it won’t hurt to have stake or small cage to keep them upright in wind and rain, especially when loaded with fruit.
TomatoVarietySizeMature ColorFeaturesContainer
BEEFSTEAKBig BeefRed3-Pack
BEEFSTEAKHeirloomBig Zac4-6 lbsRed2.5
BEEFSTEAKHeirloomGerman Johnson2.5
BEEFSTEAKHeirloomMortgage LifterRed2.5
CHERRYHeirloomBlack Cherry1 - 1.5"Black2.5
CHERRYRed Cherry Large1.5 - 2"Red3-Pack
CHERRYSunSugar1 - 1.5"Gold/Orange2.5
CHERRYSupersweet 1001"RedMultiple
GRAPEHealth Kick4 ozRed2.5
GRAPEHeirloomYellow Pear1.5 - 2"YellowMultiple
JELLY BEANHeirloomJelly Bean Red3/4 ozRedMultiple
PATIOEarly Girl Bush6-7 ozRedMultiple
SAUCEHeirloomAmish Paste8-12 oz2.5
SAUCEBig Mama8-10 ozRed2.5
SAUCEHeirloomCuore Di Bue8 ozRed2.5
SAUCEHyBeef9 ozRedSemi Seedless2.5
SAUCEHeirloomKosovo10-16 oz2.5
SAUCEHeirloomOpalka5-8 oz2.5
SAUCEPlum Regal (plum shaped)4 oz2.5
SAUCEHeirloomSan MarzanoRedMultiple
SAUCESuperSauce2 #Red2.5
SLICINGBetter BoyRed3-Pack
SLICINGHeirloomBlack Russian (Krim)1#2.5
SLICINGHeirloomBoxcar WillieRed2.5
SLICINGHeirloomBrandywine Pink1 lb +2.5
SLICINGBurpee Big BoyRedMultiple
SLICINGHeirloomCampbells7-10 ozCrack Resistant2.5
SLICINGCelebrity Plus8 ozRedCrack ResistantMultiple
SLICINGHeirloomChef's Choice OrangeOrange2.5
SLICINGHeirloomCherokee Purple12-16 ozPurple2.5
SLICINGEarly GirlRedMultiple
SLICINGFourth of July4 ozRedMatures EarlyMultiple
SLICINGHeirloomGolden Jubilee6-7 ozGoldMultiple
SLICINGHeirloomGreen ZebraMottled Green2.5
SLICINGJetstar9 ozRedLow AcidMultiple
SLICINGLemon Boy7 ozYellowLow AcidMultiple
SLICINGLiberty Bell4-7 oz2.5
SLICINGMountain Merit8-11 ozRed2.5
SLICINGHeirloomMr StripeyHigh Sugar2.5
SLICINGHeirloomPersimmon12oz - 2 lbs2.5
SLICINGHeirloomStupice3-6 oz2.5
SLICINGHeirloomWhite Wonder Light1 lb2.5
SLICINGHeirloomWisconsin 55RedMatures EarlyMultiple