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The geranium is an iconic, fragrant garden flower. Geraniums fill hanging baskets, containers and flower beds with fancy leaves that are as attractive as the clusters of dainty blooms they surround. Planting geraniums can be extremely easy and rewarding.

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Full Geranium List

Item - 2024VarietyContainer
Geranium HortorumChocolate Apricot4.5R Blk
Geranium HortorumChocolate Dragonfruit4.5R Blk
Geranium HortorumElanos Blue4.5R Blk
Geranium HybridBrocade Mrs Pollock4.5R Blk
Geranium HybridBrocade Occold Shield4.5R Blk
Geranium HybridPersian Queen Rosy Pink4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Burgundy4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Dark Red4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Orange Splash4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Lrg Rose Mega Splash4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Crimson Flame4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Hot Pink4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med Pink Flame4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Med White4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium InterspecificCalliope Cascade Violet4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificPretty Little Pink Splash4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificMantra Bright Red4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificMantra Magenta4.5R Blk
Geranium InterspecificMantra Pink4.5R Blk
Geranium IvyIvy League Burgundy4.5R Blk
Geranium IvyIvy League Burgundy Bicolor4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana Bright Red4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana Cherry Rose4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Coral4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Dark Red4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Orchid4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Pink4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana Salmon4.5R Blk/6R/Plntr
Geranium ZonalAmericana White4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalAmericana White Splash4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalRosalie Antique Salmon4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalTango Dark Red4.5R Blk
Geranium ZonalTango Violet4.5R Blk
Geranium-RegalAristo Black Beauty6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Burgundy6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Orchid6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Pink6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Purple Stripes6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Red Beauty6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Salmon6.5R Org
Geranium-RegalAristo Velvet Red6.5R Org