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Herbs & Vegetables

Our garden ready vegetable and herb transplants are proven, high performance varieties. You will find a nice selection of the best tomato, pepper, vine crops, cold crops and herb varieties you can grow in your garden. If you like variety, choose one of our very popular vegetable and herb collections. No matter which varieties or collections you choose, we’re sure you’ll be pleased and we guarantee it!

We offer several types of vegetables and herbs in our greenhouse.
All types of vegetable and herb plants are displayed below.

We also have bulk seed for sweet corn, peas and beans as well as individual seed packages.

Our planting guides will help you with how and when to plant.

Here are images with links below to our most popular annuals.

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Herbs & Vegetable List

Vegetable- HerbTypeContainer
AsparagusMary Washington1 pack multi seeded
BroccoliCastle Dome (75D)3 pack
Brussel SproutsJade Cross E (80D)3 pack
CabbageChina Gold (Chinese/Napa)3 pack
CabbageDanish Ball Head (110D)3 pack
CabbageGolden Acre (65D)3 pack
CabbageLate Flat Dutch (70D)3 pack
CabbageRuby Perfection (80D)3 pack
Cabbage - SOLD OUTSavoy King (80D)3 pack
CantaloupeHale's Best Jumbo (85D)1 hill multi seeded
CantaloupeHeart of Gold (90D)1 hill multi seeded
CauliflowerEarly Snowball (72D)3 pack
CeleryGiant Pascal3 pack
Cucumber PicklingDeli-King1 pack multi seeded
Cucumber PicklingHomemade Pickling1 pack multi seeded
Cucumber PicklingSMR58 (aka Wisconsin)1 pack multi seeded
Cucumber SlicingBristol1 pack multi seeded
Cucumber SlicingBurpless Garden Sweet1 pack multi seeded
Cucumber SlicingMarket More 761 pack multi seeded
Cucumber SlicingSpace Master 80 (Bush)1 pack multi seeded
Cucumber SlicingStraight 81 pack multi seeded
EggplantBlack Beauty3 pack
EggplantChinese Long Purple3 pack
EggplantMillionaire3 pack
EggplantWhite Egg3 pack
Ground CherryGround Cherry/Yellow Husk3 pack
HerbBalm Lemon3.5G
HerbBasil Genovese (Sweet Basil)3.5G
HerbBasil Lemon3.5G
HerbBasil Pesto Perpetuo3.5G
HerbBasil Red Rubin3.5G
HerbBasil Siam Queen3.5G
HerbBasil Spicy Globe3.5G
HerbBasil Sweet Dani3.5G
HerbBasil Sweet Italian Lrg Leaf3.5G
HerbCatnip Perennial3.5G
HerbChives Garlic Allium1 pack multi seeded
HerbChives Onion Allium1 pack multi seeded
HerbCilantro Santos3.5G
HerbCilantro Vietnamese3.5G
HerbCilantro/Coriander - Santo3.5G
HerbDill Bouquet (not fernleaf)3.5G
HerbDill Fernleaf3.5G
HerbFennel Florence3.5G
HerbLavender dentata (French)3.5G
HerbLavender Grosso3.5G
HerbLavender Javelin Forte Deep Purple3.5G
HerbLavender Munstead3.5G
HerbLavender pinnata3.5G
Herb - SOLD OUTLemon Grass (West Indian)3.5G
HerbMarjoram Common3.5G
HerbMint Corsican Mini - Unavailable 20203.5G
HerbMint Mojito3.5G
HerbMint Peppermint3.5G
HerbMint Spearmint3.5G
HerbOregano Greek3.5G
HerbOregano Hot & Spicy3.5G
HerbOregano Italian3.5G
HerbParsley Italian Dark Green Plain2 pack multi seeded
HerbParsley Triple Curled2 pack multi seeded
HerbRosemary Salem3.5G
HerbSage (Common)3.5G
HerbSage Tricolor3.5G
HerbSavory, Summer Sature3.5G
HerbTarragon French3.5G
HerbThyme Golden Lemon (Veriagated)3.5G
Herb - SOLD OUTThyme Vulgaris (Summer)3.5G
HerbVerbena Lemon3.5G
Herb Ornamental OreganoKirigami3.5G
HoneydewHoneydew (105D)1 pack multi seeded
Kale EdibleBlack Magic3 pack
Kale EdibleBlue Curled Scotch3 pack
Kale EdibleDwarf Blue Curled Vates3 pack
Kale EdibleRed Russian3 pack
Kale EdibleRedbor3 pack
Kale Edible HybridTronchuda Beira3 pack
Kale OrnamentalFeather Series Red1 pack
Kale OrnamentalNagoya Mix1 pack
Kale OrnamentalOsaka1 pack
Kale OrnamentalPeacock Red1 pack
Kale OrnamentalPigeon Red1 pack
Kale OrnamentalPigeon White1 pack
KohlrabiKossak3 pack
KohlrabiPurple Viennia3 pack
KohlrabiWhite Vienna3 pack
Leafy GreensArugula2 pack multi seeded
LeekAmerican Flag1 pack multi seeded
LettuceBlend Gourmet1 pack multi seeded
LettuceButtercrunch Bibb3 pack
LettuceCimmeron (Red Romaine)3 pack
LettuceGreat Lakes3 pack
LettuceMesculim Mix1 pack multi seeded
Lettuce-Not Available till May 10thSalad Bowl Green1 pack multi seeded
Onion SeedlingsBurgundy1 pack multi seeded
Onion SeedlingsCandy1 pack multi seeded
Onion SeedlingsExpression1 pack multi seeded
Onion SeedlingsSpanish Sweet White1 pack multi seeded
Onion SeedlingsSpanish Sweet Yellow1 pack multi seeded
Onion SeedlingsWalla Walla1 pack multi seeded
Pak ChoiJoi Choi3 pack
Pak ChoiMei Qing Choi3 pack
Pepper HotAnaheim Chili (40,000)
Pepper HotAncho/Poblano (1500)
Pepper HotCajun Belle (100-1000)
Pepper HotCaribbean Red Hot (200,000+)
Pepper HotCarolina Reaper (2.2million)
Pepper HotCayenne Long Slim (10,000)
Pepper HotChile De Arbol (50-60,000)
Pepper HotGarden Salsa (3000)
Pepper HotGhost (1,000,000)
Pepper HotGuajillo (2-5000)
Pepper HotHabenero (200,000)
Pepper HotHoly Mole (700)
Pepper HotHungarian Wax (hot) (2000-4000)
Pepper HotJalapeno (3500-6000)
Pepper HotJalapeno Gigantia (5-30,000)
Pepper HotMulato Isleno (2500-3000)
Pepper HotPepperonchini Greek Golden (0-500)
Pepper HotPeter Pepper (10-23,000)
Pepper HotSerrano Tampiqueno (15,000)
Pepper HotSuper Chili (Red) (40,000)
Pepper HotTabasco (30-50,000)
Pepper HotThai Hot Chili (75,000-100,000) - Unavailable 2020
Pepper HotTrinidad Scorpian (1.5-2million)
Pepper OrnamentalCalico4.5
Pepper OrnamentalChili Chili4.5
Pepper SweetBell Chocolate BeautySee att.
Pepper SweetBell Green
Pepper SweetBell Red Knight
Pepper SweetBell Tasty Orange
Pepper SweetBell Yellow
Pepper SweetCalifornia Wonder
Pepper SweetCarmen
Pepper SweetCubanelle
Pepper SweetGiant Marconi
Pepper SweetGolden Cal Wonder
Pepper SweetItalian Green Frying
Pepper SweetPadron
Pepper SweetPretty N Sweet
Pepper SweetSpanish Spice
Pepper SweetSweet Banana
Pepper SweetSweet Cherry Red
PumpkinsHowden (12x15)1 pack multi seeded
PumpkinsJack O' Lantern/Halloween (8x14)1 pack multi seeded
PumpkinsJack-Be-Little (2x3)1 pack multi seeded
PumpkinsLumina (8x10 White)1 pack multi seeded
PumpkinsMagic Lantern1 pack multi seeded
PumpkinsSmall Sugar/Spirit (8x10)1 pack multi seeded
PumpkinsWarty Goblin1 pack multi seeded
PumpkinsWee Bee Little1 pack multi seeded
RaspberriesFall Gold (Gold Everbearing) 1yrBlue Gallon
RaspberriesHeritage (Red Everbearing) 1yrBlue Gallon
SquashButtercup Burgess1 pack multi seeded
SquashGourd - Crown of Thorns1 pack multi seeded
SquashGourd - Large Mix1 pack multi seeded
SquashGourd - Small Mix1 pack multi seeded
SquashSweet Dumpling1 pack multi seeded
SquashTable King Acorn (Bush)1 pack multi seeded
SquashTivoli Spaghetti1 pack multi seeded
SquashWaltham Butternut1 pack multi seeded
SquashZuchinni Green1 pack multi seeded
SquashZuchinni Yellow1 pack multi seeded
Strawberries Everbearing - SOLD OUTFort Laramie6 Sq (6-10 Seedlings)
Strawberries Everbearing - SOLD OUTOzark Beauty6 Sq (6-10 Seedlings)
Strawberries Everbearing - SOLD OUTTri Star (Compact)6 Sq (6-10 Seedlings)
Strawberries Junebearing - SOLD OUTHoneoye6 Sq (6-10 Seedlings)
Sweet Potato Edible - Available June 1Beauregard3.5 multi planted
Swiss ChardBright Lights2 pack multi seeded
Swiss ChardPeppermint2 pack multi seeded
TomatilloGrande Rio Verde3 pack
Tomato CherryBlack CherrySee att.
Tomato CherryRed Cherry Large
Tomato CherrySunSugar
Tomato CherrySupersweet 100
Tomato GrapeJuliet
Tomato Grape HeirloomYellow Pear
Tomato PatioPatio
Tomato SauceBig Mama
Tomato SauceHealth Kick
Tomato SauceHyBeef
Tomato SaucePlum Regal
Tomato SauceSuperSauce
Tomato Sauce HeirloomAmish Paste
Tomato Sauce HeirloomCuore Di Bue
Tomato Sauce HeirloomRoma
Tomato Sauce HeirloomSan Marzano
Tomato SlicingBeefmaster
Tomato SlicingBetter Boy
Tomato Slicing - SOLD OUTBig Beef
Tomato SlicingBig Zac
Tomato SlicingBurpee Big Boy
Tomato SlicingCarolina Gold
Tomato SlicingCelebrity
Tomato SlicingChef's Choice Green
Tomato SlicingChef's Choice Orange
Tomato SlicingEarly Girl
Tomato Slicing - SOLD OUTFourth of July
Tomato SlicingJetstar
Tomato SlicingLemon Boy
Tomato SlicingLiberty Bell
Tomato SlicingMountain Fresh Plus
Tomato SlicingMountain Merit
Tomato Slicing HeirloomBlack Russian (Krim)
Tomato Slicing HeirloomBoxcar Willie
Tomato Slicing HeirloomBrandywine Pink
Tomato Slicing HeirloomCampbells
Tomato Slicing HeirloomCherokee Purple
Tomato Slicing HeirloomGerman Johnson
Tomato Slicing HeirloomGolden Jubilee
Tomato Slicing HeirloomGreen Zebra
Tomato Slicing HeirloomHomestead
Tomato Slicing HeirloomMortgage Lifter
Tomato Slicing HeirloomMr Stripey
Tomato Slicing HeirloomOxheart
Tomato Slicing HeirloomPersimmon
Tomato Slicing HeirloomRutgers
Tomato Slicing HeirloomSiberian
Tomato Slicing HeirloomStupice
Tomato Slicing HeirloomWhite Wonder Light
Tomato Slicing HeirloomWisconsin 55
WatermelonCrimson Sweet1 pack multi seeded
WatermelonSugar Baby1 pack multi seeded