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Hostas are hardy perennials that are especially perfect for a shady garden. Reliable and very easy to grow! What’s great about hostas is that there are so many sizes, heights, textures, and colors. They work in many kinds of gardens (patio, border, container, rock). These attractive plants also produce lovely flowers during the summer in fragrant pink, lavender, or white. Hummingbirds love the flowers.

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Full Hosta List

2024 Item NameCommon NameVarietySize Pot
HostaHosta, Plantain LilyAbiqua Drinking GourdBlueGal
HostaHosta, Plantain LilyGuacamoleBlueGal
HostaHosta, Plantain LilyPatriotBlueGal
HostaHosta, Plantain LilyFire IslandBlueGal
HostaHosta, Plantain LilyLibertyBlueGal
HostaHosta, Plantain LilyTouch of ClassBlueGal