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Standard impatiens are easy to grow and are generally smaller than New Guineas. They prefer shady areas and become carpeted mounds of color. They can become leggy over the summer, so it is good to pinch or scissor them back and they will flush back up again in a week or two.

Sunpatiens are a hybrid because they tolerate more sun than that of the standard variety. However, they still do not like full sun all day. They generally grow from cuttings and have larger leaves and larger blooms, up to 3 inches across.

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Full Impatiens List

Item - 2024VarietyContainer
ImpatiensBeacon Lipstick3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Orange3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Pink3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Proformula Mix3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Purple3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Red3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR Salmon Shades3-Pack
ImpatiensImara XDR White3-Pack
Impatiens-DoubleFiesta Appleblossom3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer Pink Hot3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer Red Dark3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer Salmon3.5 Org
Impatiens-DoubleGlimmer White3.5 Org
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Blue4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Clear Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Lavender Splash4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Orange4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Salmon4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum Violet Star4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaMagnum White 20204.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Blue Star4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Cherry Star4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Neon Night4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Orange Orchid4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Purple4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat Salmon Night4.5R Blk
Impatiens-New GuineaPetticoat True Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Deep Rose4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Electric Orange4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Hot Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Lilac4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Red Candy4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Rose Glow4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact Tropical Rose V/L4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunCompact White Imprvd.4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Corona4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Lavender Splash4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Pretty Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Red4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Rose Pink4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Sweetheart White4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous Tropical Orange V/L4.5R Blk
Impatiens-SunVigorous White4.5R Blk