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Wide Range Assortments of Roses

Select from a large variety of stunning roses. We have bush roses from the Grandiflora, Tea, Floribunda, Bush and Groundcover categories along with beautiful climbers. Week’s Roses have been tested hardy for our Wisconsin temperatures and with little or no winter care, ready to give years of enjoyment. We chose varieties based on color appeal, fragrance, and with pest and disease resistance.

Classes of Roses

The thousands of varieties of roses available today are broken down into rose classes, according to their history, parentage, and growth habits. As roses freely produce varied offspring, the class lines sometimes overlap, and many roses can be placed in more than one class.

The following class descriptions are intended as general guidelines.

  • Climbers: Roses whose long canes can be trained along fences or walls, variable in flower size, form and mature habit.
  • Floribunda: Medium sized flowers mostly borne in clusters, often more compact in habit, medium length stems.
  • Grandiflora: Large flowers borne in clusters, usually taller in habit, individual stems within each cluster are suitable for cutting.
  • Ground Covers: Roses with more spreading habits and good disease resistance that can be utilized in the landscape to achieve low growing mass plantings.
  • Hybrid Tea: Large flowers generally borne one per stem, medium to tall in habit, long cutting stems.
  • Shrub: Free-blooming plants with differing flower size & form, broadly varying in mature size but of full bushy attractive habit, usually good disease resistance & hardiness, mostly grown on their own.

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Roses List – All roses $24.99

2024 VarietiesClassFlower ColorFragrance
All My LovingHybrid TeaLight Red to Dark PinkModerate Tea w/ Slight Spice
Artic BluesFloribundaLilac pink fading lavender blue w/cream reverseModerate fruity to citrus-like
Burst of JoyFloribundaBicolor Brilliant Orange & Bright YellowMild Tea
Chrysler ImperialHybrid TeaDeep RedStrong Damask Rose
FirefighterHybrid TeaMedium RedIntense Old Rose
Fragrant CloudHybrid TeaOrange-RedStrong Sweet Spice & Rose
Fragrant PlumGrandifloraLavender Blushing PurpleStrong Fruity
Golden OpportunityClimberGoldModerate Fruity & Tea
Heavenly Scented - NEW 2024Hybrid TeaSalmonStrong Fruity & Spices
Julia Child O/RFloribundaEven, Butter GoldStrong Licorice Candy & Spice
Lady In RedClimberDark Red Suffused w/ Occasional Black SmokeLight Tea
Lasting LoveHybrid TeaDusky Red
Parade DayGrandifloraFuchsia Pink Striped with Bright WhiteStrong Citrus-Like w/ Hints of Spice
Pop Art - NEW 2024GrandifloraPink & Yellow stripedFruity & Citrus
Pope John Paul IIHybrid TeaPure WhiteStrong Citrus Blossom
Quest for Zest - NEW 2024GrandifloraYellow w/ Lighter outer petalsStrong citrus & fruity
Radiant PerfumneGrandifloraDeep YellowStrong Citrus
Red Ribbons O/RGroundcoverBright Lasting RedLight
Strike it RichGrandifloraDeep Golden Yellow spun w. Orange-PinkStrong Sweet Spice & Fruit
Twilight ZoneGrandifloraDeep Velvet PurpleStrong Clove & Spice
Violet's PrideFloribundaLavender w/ a Magenta HeartStrong Grapefruit w/ Hints of Spices
WhimsyPatio / Compact 18-24"Painted Pink & WhiteLight Apple