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Thriller Plants

Thrillers are plants with height that add drama and a vertical element to the combination. Thrillers can be either flowering, foliage plants or ornamental grasses. They are generally put either in the center or at the back of the container. (Place in center of the container if it will be viewed from all sides. Place it in the back of the container if it will be viewed from only one side.)

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Thriller Plant List

Item-2022VarietyPot PackTypeContainer
AGERATUMHorizon Blue (18-24")3.5 Black SqThriller
AlstromeriaInca Aruba - Lucky, Replay, Safari6.5 Orange RndFiller / Thriller
Angelonia AngelfacePerfectly Pink (18-30")4.5 PW ClassicThriller
Angelonia AngelfaceSteel Blue (18-30")4.5 PW ClassicThriller
Angelonia AngelfaceSuper Blue (18-24")4.5 PW ClassicThriller
ArgyranthemumBeauty Yellow4.5 Black RndThriller
ArgyranthemumGrandaisy Pink Halo4.5 Black RndThriller
ASTERPerfection Mix (30-36")TBDThriller
Beg Angel WingsCanary Wings4.5 Black RndThriller12" HB
Beg Angel WingsDragon Wing Pink4.5 Black RndThriller12" HB
Beg Angel WingsDragon Wing Red4.5 Black RndThriller12" HB
Beg SpecialtyBIG Bronze Leaf Red4.5 Black RndFiller/Thriller
Beg SpecialtyBIG Bronze Leaf Rose4.5 Black RndFiller/Thriller
Beg SpecialtyBIG Green Leaf Red4.5 Black RndFiller/Thriller
Beg SpecialtyBIG Green Leaf Rose4.5 Black RndFiller/Thriller
Beg SpecialtyBIG Green Leaf White4.5 Black RndFiller/Thriller
CannaCannova Bronze Leaf Orange4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
CannaCannova Bronze Leaf Scarlet4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
CannaCannova Mango4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
CannaCannova Rose4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
CannaCannova Yellow4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
CLEOMEQueen Pink2 PackThriller
CLEOMEQueen White2 PackThriller
CleomeSenorita BlancaPW QuartThriller
CleomeSenorita RosalitaPW QuartThriller
Coleus LG LeafKong Empire Mix4.5 Black RndThriller
Coleus LG LeafKong Lime Sprite4.5 Black RndThriller
Coleus LG LeafKong Mosaic4.5 Black RndThriller
Coleus LG LeafKong Red4.5 Black RndThriller
Coleus LG LeafKong Rose4.5 Black RndThriller
Coleus SunBurgundy Sun3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunDark Star3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunDefiance3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunDipt in Wine3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunFinger Paint3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunFishnet Stockings3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunGays Delight3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunKingswood Torch3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunMain Street Orchard Rd3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunMain Street Venice Blvd3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunOxblood3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunPeter's Wonder3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunRustic Orange3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunSolar Flair3.5 Orange SqThriller
Coleus SunViolet Tricolor3.5 Orange SqThriller
ColocasiaCoffee CupsPW QuartThriller
ColocasiaHeart of Jungle Imprvd.PW QuartThriller
COSMOSSonata Carmine3 PackThriller
COSMOSSonata White3 PackThriller
Cuphea - Cigar Plant ContCigar Plant3.5 Orange SqThriller10" Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwr) 16"Painter Berry Impressions5.5 White RndThriller
Dahlia (Lrg flwr) 16"Painter Sunfire5.5 White RndThriller
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Cancun (Prpl b/c)6.5 Black RndThriller10" Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Candena (Rose)6.5 Black RndThriller10" Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Merida (Red b/c)6.5 Black RndThriller10" Cont
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 15-18"Dalina Grande Sonora (Ylw)6.5 Black RndThriller10" Cont
DATURABallerina Purple4.5 Black RndThriller
DATURABallerina Yellow4.5 Black RndThriller
DATURABelle Blanche (Wht)4.5 Black RndThriller
DipladeniaPink6" HoopThriller
DipladeniaRed6" HoopThriller
DracaenaSpike (Green)3.5 Green SqThriller
DracaenaSpike (Green)Gallon BlackThriller
Fern - FoxtailFoxtail FernTBDThriller
Fuchsia GartGartenmeister (U)4.5 Black RndThriller10" Cont
GauraBelleza Dark Pink (Ht: 12-18" Z5-9)3.5 Orange SqThriller
GauraSiskiyou Pink (Ht: 24-36" Z5-9)3.5 Orange SqThriller
GauraWhirling Butterflies (Ht: 24-36" Z5-9)3.5 Orange SqThriller
Grass JuncusBlue Arrows4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
Grass-CyperusBaby Moses4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
Grass-CyperusCrown of Pharoah4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
Grass-Cyperus PapyrusKing TutPW QuartThriller
Grass-Cyperus PapyrusPrince TutPW QuartThriller
Grass-EupatoriumElegant Feather4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
Grass-JuncusSpiralis (corkscrew)4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
Grass-PennisetumPurple Fountain Grass4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
Grass-PennisetumVertigoPW QuartThriller
Grass-ScirpusFiber Optic4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
HelianthusSol Seeker Yellow6.5 Black RndThriller
Hibiscus TropicalAssorted VarietyTBDThriller
Mandevilla - FLPink Variety10" TrellisThriller
Mandevilla - FLRed Variety10" TrellisThriller
Mandevilla - FLSunbeam10" TrellisThriller
Mandevilla - FLAlice DuPont (Pink)6" HoopThriller
Mandevilla - FLPink Giant6" HoopThriller
Mandevilla - FLRed Variety6" HoopThriller
Mandevilla - FLWhite Variety6" HoopThriller
Mandevilla - LBG'sSP Org CrimsonGallon w/TrellaceSpiller/Thriller12" HB
Mandevilla - LBG'sSP Org PinkGallon w/TrellaceSpiller/Thinller12" HB
Mandevilla - LBG'sSP Org Stars & StripesGallon w/TrellaceSpiller/Thinller12" HB
Mandevilla - LBG'sSP Pretty CrimsonGallon w/TrellaceSpiller/Thinller12" HB
Mandevilla - LBG'sSP Pretty PinkGallon w/TrellaceSpiller/Thinller12" HB
MARIGOLD AFRICANPerfection Orange2 PackThriller
MARIGOLD AFRICANPerfection Yellow2 PackThriller
MOONFLOWERMoon Flower4.5 Black RndThriller
MORNING GLORYCrimson Ramber4.5 Black RndThriller
MORNING GLORYHappy Hour Rose4.5 Black RndThriller
MORNING GLORYHeavenly Blue4.5 Black RndThriller
NICOTIANAOnly the Lonely3.5 Black SqThriller
NicotianaSaratoga Red (10-12")3.5 Black SqThriller
Ornamental MilletPurple Majesty4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller
Vine-Passion FlowerAphrodites Purple Nightie - PassifloraGallon w/TrellaceSpiller/Thriller12" HB
Vine-Passion FlowerBlue Bahama - PassifloraGallon w/TrellaceSpiller/Thriller12" HB
PenstemonPhoenix Magenta4.5 Black RndThriller
PenstemonPhoenix Red4.5 Black RndThriller
PerillaTricolor4.5 Black RndThriller
RUDBECKIAIndian Summer3.5 Black SqThriller
RUDBECKIAPrairie Sun3.5 Black SqThriller
SALVIAEarly Bonfire (24")3 PackThriller
SALVIALady in Red 18-30"3.5 Black SqThriller
SALVIASummer Jewel Pink 10-24"3.5 Black SqThriller
Salvia HybridBlack & Blue3.5 Orange SqThriller
Salvia HybridBodacious Rhythm & Blues3.5 Orange SqThriller
Salvia HybridHot Lips3.5 Orange SqThriller
Salvia HybridRockin Deep Purple4.5 PW ClassicThriller
Salvia HybridRockin Fuchsia4.5 PW ClassicThriller
Salvia HybridRoman Red (28-34")3.5 Orange SqThriller
Salvia HybridSkyscraper Orange3.5 Orange SqThriller
Salvia HybridSkyscraper Pink3.5 Orange SqThriller
Salvia HybridUnplugged Pink4.5 PW ClassicThriller
Salvia HybridVelocity Blue3.5 Orange SqThriller
SnapdragonRocket Golden3 PackThriller
SnapdragonRocket Mix (Ht: 30-40")3 PackThriller
STATICEQIS Series Mix (30-35")2 PackThriller
ThunbergiaLemon A-Peel4.5 PW ClassicSpiller/Thriller
ThunbergiaOrange A-Peel4.5 PW ClassicSpiller/Thriller
ThunbergiaTangerine Slice A-Peel4.5 PW ClassicSpiller/Thriller
TITHONIATorch Red (60-72")3.5 Orange SqThriller
VERBENABonariensis3.5 Black SqThriller
ZINNIAState Fair Mix (30-36"H)2 PackThriller