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Thriller Plants

Thrillers are plants with height that add drama and a vertical element to the combination. Thrillers can be either flowering, foliage plants or ornamental grasses. They are generally put either in the center or at the back of the container. (Place in center of the container if it will be viewed from all sides. Place it in the back of the container if it will be viewed from only one side.)

Items listed below subject to stock availability.

Full Thriller Plant List

Item - 2021VarietyPot/PackTypeRetail Price
Angelonia AngelfacePerfectly Pink (18-30")3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Angelonia AngelfaceSteel Blue (18-30")3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Angelonia AngelfaceSuper Blue (18-24")3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
AnigozanthosKanga Cherry4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
AnigozanthosKanga Red4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CannaCannova Bronze Leaf Orange4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CannaCannova Bronze Leaf Scarlet4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CannaCannova Mango4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CannaCannova Red Shades4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CannaCannova Yellow4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CleomeQueen Pink2 PackThriller1.39
CleomeQueen White2 PackThriller1.39
Coleus Large LeafKong Empire Mix4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Coleus Large LeafKong Lime Sprite4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Coleus Large LeafKong Mosaic4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Coleus Large LeafKong Red4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Coleus Large LeafKong Rose4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Coleus SunBurgundy Sun3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunColor Clouds Hottie3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunColorblaze Strawberry Drop3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunDark Star3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunDefiance3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunDipt in Wine3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunFancy Feathers Black3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunFinger Paint3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunFishnet Stockings3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunGlobetrotters Gaga3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunKingswood Torch3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunOxblood3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunPeter's Wonder3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunRustic Orange3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunSolar Flair3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunTrailing Plum3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunViolet Tricolor3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunWedding Train Burgundy3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunWild Lime3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Coleus SunWildfire Smoky Rose3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
ColocasiaCoffee Cups4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
ColocasiaHeart of Jungle Imprvd.4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CordylineAlbatross4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95 - Sold Out
CordylineCan Can4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CordylineRed Star4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CordylineRenagade4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CordylineSalsa4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CordylineSouthern Splender4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
CordylineTorbay Dazzler4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Dahlia (Lrg flwrs) 18-36"Mystic Illusion6.5 Black RoundThriller9.95
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova California4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Carolina (Red)4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Florida4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Lisa Dark Pink4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Montana (yellow)4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Dahlia (sm flwr) 14"Dahlinova Orange Carolina4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
Dahlia (sm flwr) 16"City Lights Golden Yellow6.5 Black RoundThriller9.95
Dahlia (sm flwr) 16"City Lights Purple6.5 Black RoundThriller9.95
Dahlia (sm flwr) 16"City Lights RedTBDThrillerN/A
Dipladenia FLORIDAPinkGallonThriller16.95
Dipladenia FLORIDARedGallonThriller16.95
DracaenaSpike (Green)3.5 Green SqThriller3.69
Ensete (Banana Plant)Mauerelli, Red4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Eupatorium capillifoliumElegant Feather4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
GauraBelleza Dark Pink (14")3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
GauraGaurellia Bicolor (Picotee)3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
GauraStratosphere White3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Grass-CarexToffee Twist4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-CyperusBaby Tut4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-Cyperus PapyrusKing Tut4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-Cyperus PapyrusPrince Tut4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-JuncusBlue Mohawk4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-JuncusCurly Wurly4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-PennisetumPurple Fountain Grass4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-PennisetumVertigo4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Grass-ScirpusFiber Optic4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
Hibiscus Tropical - FLORIDAFiesta8 GreenThriller16.95
Ornamental MilletPurple Majesty4.5 Orange Tall SqThriller6.95
PenstemonPhoenix Red4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
PenstemonPhoenix Violet4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
PerillaTricolor4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
SalviaEarly Bonfire (24")3 PackThriller1.39
SalviaEvolution Violet3 PackThriller1.39
SalviaEvolution White3 PackThriller1.39
SalviaSizzler Red3 PackThriller1.39
Salvia HybridBlack & Blue3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Salvia HybridBodacious Rhythm & Blues3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Salvia HybridHot Lips3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Salvia HybridLady in Red 18-30"3.5 Black SqThriller2.49
Salvia HybridRocking Deep Purple3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Salvia HybridRocking Fuchsia3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Salvia HybridRoman Red (28-34")3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Salvia HybridSummer Jewel Pink 10-24"3.5 Black SqThriller2.49
Salvia HybridVelocity Blue3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
Salvia HybridVibe Ignition Fuchsia3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99
SnapdragonLiberty Classic White3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonRocket Golden3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonRocket Mix (30-40")3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonSnaptastic Magenta3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonSnaptastic Mixed3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonSnaptastic Orange Flame3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonSnaptastic Pink3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonSnaptastic Red3 PackThriller1.39
SnapdragonSnaptastic Yellow3 PackThriller1.39
TalinumLimon4.5 Black RoundThriller4.19
VerbenaBonariensis3.5 Black SqThriller2.49
VerbenaImagination3.5 Black SqThriller2.49
VerbenaMeteor Shower3.5 Orange SqThriller3.99